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Meal ticket = Prepaid point release

● We will release prepaid points as a future food and drink price.

One point is converted into one yen, and you can use it as a future food and drink in our shop.(Can also be used with 3F field STUDIO)

● Single unit is 11,000 points. You can buy any number of this.

A 10% bonus will be added to the points purchased.

(11,000 points for 10000 yen)


* Points have no expiration date, but if our pub closes in the future for any reason, the remaining points cannot be exchanged for cash.


* Please contact us at the e-mail address below to purchase. We will tell you details such as the transfer destination later. As soon as we confirm the transfer, we will send you an e-mail indicating that points can be used.


* By matching your name at our pub, you can easily use points.


※Customers who wish to make a transfer using PayPal

[You can pay from PayPal.

Please contact us with your name and PayPal ID (email address) to the following email address.

Also please tell us how many tickets would you like to buy?

We will send you an invoice.]


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


(Please fill in the subject with "Request for meal ticket")

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field owner Kazuhiko Suzaki